Prairie View Adventist School
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Our Mission


The Mission of Prairie View Adventist School is to continually present to students the reality that Christ loves them unconditionally, that He wants them to discover all they can about Him, and that He wants them to live with Him forever. It is the purpose of Prairie View Adventist School to nurture love for Christ and service to humanity.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Prairie View Adventist school is Christ centered instruction. Spiritual development permeates all aspects of Prairie View's program for the mental, physical and social development of its students. Mental development is fostered through an academic program which enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to function in modern society. The value of healthful living and the dignity of labor are emphasized in physical development. Social development is fostered through activities which provide for the unselfish of service to God and man.  Each student, created in God's image is unique and of inestimable value.  Together with the home and church, Prairie View School encourages students to develop moral values based on Biblical principles and to practice a life of faith in God.

Our Beliefs

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